Monday, 7 November 2011


Aww mann....missed u guys.

recently I entered NIFCA and I did not make it to the finals, that is the only way for a poet in Barbados to really get any recognition and though they had little criticism for my piece I still found I was not called to do the finals so I was upset, then I got over it.

I did however win something way more important to me than a medal from those NIFCA judges who don't really have much experience with spoken word, I won the IRON MIC SLAM COMPETITION! Now in order to even attend that slam something terrible had to happen to me, I was to plan a catering job for 5 months only for an idiot to fire me at the last minute after falsely accusing me of being unprofessional but that is a long story and I don't waste time on fools...but I am glad I didn't do that job, gave my husband a rain check for love and left and went to the Iron Mic slam. I had a headache the whole night but was able to wow the crowd with my spontaneous topic: Ban Peter Ram. lol. I think there is a video somewhere so as soon as it is on youtube I will upload it. Anyways, my point is, don't wait for someone to tell you that you are beautiful, know it!!!

If I waited

If I waited for them to tell me I was beautiful
Then I would be cold and dead as winter’s dust.
I had to see myself, my beauty’s potential
I had to celebrate my relevance
I thank God for my common sense
They ignored all the evidence
But I am still
Stunningly me.
And though this fact may annoy the judges
I know that I am beautiful.
Never perfect,
Often corrected
Please - when I apologize
Accept it…
But despite my normality
I am exquisitely

If I waited to match their definition of talent
Then my poetry would be words lost in time
Never documented
And my stories would have died
Characters formed but breathless
And all of the colours would be humanity without the breath of life
Like Adam in the soil who never opened up his eyes
I pardon this world for creating the demise
Of so many women who failed to realize
But I survive
Vibrantly alive
Talented and gifted
With or without permission.

So forgive me for failing miserably at your definition of humility
I will not berate myself or make another feel that they are better than me
I have come from far away
The waves the wind creates travel the seas
And they are what they are ever more
Even without your small shore
For sure.
If I waited to be appreciated
My cold hands would not feel the tears
And my eulogy would not bring back the years
Or highlight the could be’s  that I currently am
And if I waited to be loved
Lived for glory and recognition
Then I probably would cry at night wishing that I was at least born a man
I value some true opinions
Others are the writing in the sand
Maybe knowing the right people helped some
But I am one who understands
That greatness is possible even in unbelieving lands
If I waited for their acknowledgement
I would live a can’t life
I am can.
So even if they tell me I have failed miserably
I am not bound to their energy
I will rise continuously
For dust and stagnancy are all that are promised to me
If I waited.

Now I know this blog is supposed to talk about food too, I just haven't taken much pics of the food I've been making other than my cupcake bouquets but I did make some gorgeous conkies today, ALMOST vegan, just a splash of milk but will leave out the milk next time!  They are lighter than the traditional Barbadian treat but quite lovely.

Artistically speaking I am doing an album and it is going well. Big shout outs to TRIPLE E STUDIOS &FANTOM DUNDEAL for the talent and support that have recently been added to my album. Fantom and I just finished a track and it is for a fact, fire.

What I would like to say finally is this: KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE SOMEBODY DO NOT WAIT, START OUT IMPORTANT! That way nothing hurts too much because you are not waiting for validation from others. TALENTED AND GIFTED WITH OR WITHOUT PERMISSION! LOVE WUNNA!(WUNNA IS BAJAN FOR 'YOU GUYS')