Monday, 19 May 2014

Poems with Power if Perceived Properly

I speak allot on Black women. We struggle with authenticity. We fight it. We detest it sometimes, and when we do accept it we are forced to defend it fiercely. 

I am not one to judge, in the form of condemnation (i think we all make judgements in order to survive this world) but I am one to ask questions. WHY is a weave or straight hair still more accepted than natural hair on black women? WHY are dark skinned people still getting negative comments about their colour?

Hello mama Africa, How are you and WHERE are you? Have we forgotten? I think we turn our backs sometimes and pretend. I think we don't answer the phone when she calls. I think we delete the messages without listening.

Where are you? How are you? Hello Queen, I still see you.


Hello Darlings, I have renamed the blog and will be revamping it as well!

Here are a few links from my TV show for you to look at while I get organized, sorry for the delay but as you can see I have been busy!

Oh guess what? My event - D ARTS LIME is next Sunday! Can't wait to get inspired by all the awesome art contributors and performers!

Here is one of my shows! You can check them all out on the strongholdentertainment Channel.

above is me on set and below is my photo for my new single - Oh It Falls! Please check it out, it is a funky, Jazzy vibe!

Love Only!