Monday, 23 January 2012


I will now be known as the artist Rebel Glam.

I am still Selena the Chef.

Rebel Glam is a person - noun
Rebel Glam is a moving movement - verb
Rebel Glam is a way of describing a person who practices the movement - adjective

Check me out, check out my music tab. For me music is about expression and also to trigger thought and help people who sometimes forget to think :D Reggae is especially good for this but I got some pop elements in the coming album and allot of fusion with hip hop, even a Floetry-like track.

Food - wise I am still Chef Selena. Been playing around with mayonnaise recently - using jams and concentrates to flavor mayo and then enhancing with a bunch of herbs.It completely makes a sandwich taste much more gourmet and can add a theme. Like a preserved lemon mayo for a dolphin sandwich... on some fresh crusty whole wheat bread with a gorgonzola slaw and fresh salad, maybe a few capers in that mayo and some honey??? Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!

here is a video of a recent piece I did, BEHOLD YOURSELF -  LOVE YOURSELF FAMILY!

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