Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Art Of Affection


Has TV affected how you view love?

I think it has. I think lots of us think we are ready way before we are, and we create expectations based on our own sentiments without thinking about what other people want.

Are we ready to give parental love? Are we ready to give romantic love? Are we ready to be a friend?
LIFE IS HAPPENING! How can we get ready? How can we stay on track? And when we fall off, can we get back on?

Today I did a post on my facebook page (you can like me if you like this blog)

Here are my sentiments: What do we REALLY KNOW about who we claim to love? How can we learn to love past initial stages of attraction? Past points in our lives where we are going through a phase or have our own discomforts to deal with?
Affection is so very powerful. In my life, 2 minute hugs have changed my whole attitude. Holding hands has fixed many a bad day. Conversing with a child has reminded me of what matters most.
Love makes us stronger. We all need to learn the art of affection and focus more on how we can be loving in tough situations, instead of seeing letting go as an option when things start to fall apart.
Sometimes in the worst situation, a kind word, a soft touch, can start the road to repair. #therealist #theartofaffection#stillgood

Awake Soul

I’ve been sedated by a kiss
And held hostage by intoxicating mist
I felt attraction but never. Anticipcated. This.
I’m still and you’re still with me

A wanderer in your embrace
Moving but without a pace
Basking in blurry lights
And blurred lines
Tongues flowing in and out of time
You say you’re mine
Say you got me on the mind
So let’s get intertwined
Like the hairs of my locks
How they twist and they knot
Flowing down gently stroking your face
You always find the prize in the maze
The best dreams are when your soul is awake
You wake my soul while your kisses sedate
The best dreams are when your soul is away
Take my love because I give it away
Like palm trees in ocean breezes I sway
Patient in forever kisses I wait

The best dreams are when your soul is awake
I stole caresses and with kisses I pay
And now you are
Breaking me down to my simplest form of fantastic
And like mathematics I keep adding to your magic
I move slow though my heart is ecstatic
Taste my sweetness and I will give you the energy to match it
You got the keys to my temple and my doors are unlatching
(Pieca cake…)
The best dreams are when your soul is awake.

I encourage you, especially in times of emotional turmoil, to pursue and practice the ART OF AFFECTION.

(I HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF SOCIAL HOSTILITY AND CONTINUE TO HAVE THIS ISSUE WHILE I FOLLOW MY PATH TO BEING THE QUEEN I AM. I have benefited especially from the art of affection and it is what keeps me grounded. Even this message will be ignored by some people because they know the messenger. Some may think they know me and they have not elevated to a point where they can see the positive nature of that. We have to see such greatness in ourselves that we do not feel the need to deny its existence in others. We need to stop belittling what we do not have and strive for more. (See #therealist #goodmorningtomore) Some are only willing to accept a message if  Maya Angelou or Iyanla Vanzant (someone they do not know at all) said it. We are all human, we all have ability to teach and to learn. Never forget that we are all energy balls of potential and it is not what box people put us in, but the choices we make, that define our beauty)

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