Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lovers fight sometimes - What is Your true Intention for your Relationship? Fix that ish.

OK let's face it...

We all do the TV thing and flip out sometimes. We all fall out with the ones we love and say hurtful shit better left unsaid, sometimes even partially untrue, out of spite because we are hurting.

I want us to focus though, on intentions. On our core desires. Do we want to get along? Do we really want the fight or are we still hoping for make up sex? If it is a friendship, does it really have to end or can one of us be mature and learn to have respect or endurance or whatever we need to have in order to at least be cool with the person we claim to care about?

What is the POINT in holding onto a relationship if we really believe that it is not worth it? There is none! Therefore, we need to make sure that as long as there is a loving relationship somewhere in the entangled mess that we have created with another person, that we respect that and nurture it at all times, especially the hard times.

Am I saying that this is easy? No way. This is not easy and sometimes feels impossible, however, if you let your intentions lie naked, if you expose your soul and your heart and lovingly and respectfully convey your feelings or at least try to do so, then you have done your best, you have given your all, you have tried, and by doing the right thing, for yourself and the other person, apologizing if you know you were wrong, and listening after you have said your piece, then you are doing your utmost to keep the relationship and make this issue just another thing you guys will laugh about going through later on.

Love is very tough. The bible says "love endures all things" and "love is long-suffering". Your love is strong. Stronger than any pain. Take care of it, and preserve it.

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