Wednesday, 14 November 2012


love for you is softer than the inner side of a beautiful woman's thigh
and fragile.
like a bubble of glass so light it floats on the winds of our ever growing past
they take it higher to obstacle free skies
but i fear sometimes.
Life isnt fair sometimes.
Yet for the peace that beckons like heaven's sweet siren
I believe.
I believe in my love.
I believe in you, my love.
And it frees me.
No costs attached, no stipulations
My love has passed the point of feeding hungrily on your reciprocation
(though i find it sweet like soul vacation, though I find it blissful - I am learning patience)
My love is encompassing
Embracing the root of our situation
giving herself away
to your fingerprints on my skin
She is a gift to your caress
she adds sacredness to your infatuation
provides a home for your sincerity
like the goddess in your trinity
the father first, love yourself.Adore me
because i
let you tongue emotions softer than inner lips
quench you with oceans sweet
And let you lose your grip on this... everything
Become so close we are one unit
your love stays on my lips
they whisper with a kiss
My love
Is all
There is.

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