Monday, 30 May 2011

I Know That I am Beautiful

I know that I am beautiful
I know
That I am
I don’t have to do a photo shoot
Hair hat
Maximum makeup
And minimum truth
Post pictures on the net so the men can drool
My private parts on show, public as a mall’s bathroom
I know that I am
Timeless. A timeless beauty even when I lose my youth
Even when my heart is bruised
Through pains of childbirth or when lighthearted and amused
My beauty shows growth
And you should photo shop your ugly approach
And not assume or presume that you know
Anything about me
Or my moment of life
It would be my onus to give of my time
My energy now a cool, quenching blessing to your life
My entity like wine, gives warm feelings and a slight high inside
Inside – my strength is a locked treasure chest
I cultivate my virtues and resist mental weakness
So should there ever come a time that I am not told
I can check inside myself for my beauty and know
And therefore if a man says so to me, all he will get is thanks
There are no words to spark my vanity and magically unzip my pants
I choose my companions carefully I consider myself
I do not try to change or trap men – I consider my health
I take the necessary steps to inward bliss
My glow will never be dull
My mind believes this
I have achieved it
I know.
I am.

Selena Dodson 2010

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