Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Self Esteem and Hard Times

Self Esteem: LOVE YASELF!!!

C'mon it is time for the blame game to cease.

Daddy issues. Mommy issues. Magazine ideals. Past broken hearts... PLEASE SPARE ME.

Don't most murderers have issues? Doesn't mean they didn't do the crime and don't deserve the time - they do, because they made an adult decision and they have to be punished and also hopefully learn from their mistakes.

In the same fashion your issue is not unique and you should not use it as a crutch to help you walk when you could have been running a long time ago. That is a waste of your life. Yes it is difficult, but pursue what you want unrelentingly and with passion. See it in your mind. You will catch it.

(Now I am not talking about material things which could lead to lady Gaga's figurative "fame monster", I am talking about intangible things with endless worth, like love, good health... the money you may believe in could carry you very far away from goodness. Sometimes you do not get what you think you want but you get what you don't know you need. All I am saying is many people go on and on about the "Universe" and wealth, but money still can't buy life or stop the pain of others and therefore a caring person will need much more than money to feel fulfilled. We often see what we don't have as the main milestone but upon conquering it we realize we are still in want spiritually. Of course money is a great help, but it should not be your main or only goal.

Please read the bible story about Jesus and the rich man that allowed his material things to come between him becoming his follower which would have meant priceless intangible wealth and use this story as a parable to get my point.)

Any goal that you have can be reached. Trust that persons in harder situations than you are in have seen miracles. You can lose the weight. You can own the business. You can raise the child. You can find the love and keep it. But you must believe that you can and act like it and stop casting negativity on your dreams and blaming the past. Just because your father wasn't there for you doesn't mean that you have an excuse to be a slut. No, it means it will be more remarkable to see just how beautifully you have grown despite having only one parent to support you.

Nowadays I am hearing everyone debating right and wrong for the slightest little things. Anything that makes you self sufficient and allows you to feel good about YOU without needing the ego to be boosted by others is GOOD. Because our emotions are attached to our well being things that give lasting good feelings are good. Things that give an immediate high but have many negative effects are usually very BAD. Some bad things have no high at all but those are usually not debated.

 A person can develop and need no one but themselves and God. After that all other forms of goodness are easy to find and all forms of badness are easy to sort out and throw away. If you try to build a relationship with yourself as the foundation and you are full of cracks it is very very hard. Also you may feel like accepting someone full of cracks because you may think you guys can work it out, but the relationship you build will not withstand the emotional hurricanes that will surely come.

Many women make themselves almost impossible to love. Many men act as though they are so great just to hide inner emptiness and longing to fit into circles that they need not be in.

Be honest with yourself about the good and the bad in you and be honest about where you are confidence-wise. Then make a pact with yourself to improve as much as you can day by day. Live clean and keep positive and send out that goodness. Do not let an ignorant person with a stinking attitude ruin your day. Do not blame others for everything that goes wrong in YOUR life. Take responsibility and know that you will be beautiful to someone. That you are lovable by anyone. That you have human rights and deserve every good man, dog, child, experience that may come your way. Do not see what other people have and covet it, take steps to get your own and work at it with a pure heart. You will win and everything that you wish for is at the finish line waiting for you so hurry up! - The Blame Game - Kanye and John Legend. Real feelings. (edited version)


Count your blessings during tough times, that is the only way not to become completely self absorbed and start to feel as though the world is on your shoulders. No honey, if the world was on your shoulders you'd be dead, you will never know how it feels to shoulder the world, don't even go there. Sometimes things seem unbearable. What sort of life were you living before your ordeal? What are you learning? What sort of life will you be living AFTER your ordeal??? Will it change you for the better if you should get through it?

Say a prayer but do not lie to yourself or to God because lies don't reach him anyway, use your ordeal to help you become a better individual, after all no matter what we are going through our time on this earth is short and we must use it to gain depth and clarity. To become as close to goodness as is possible. It seems to me most people expect goodness though if you analyze many of them they do not project it. Do what you can to be a good person every day and you will see it manifest itself in ways you never expected! Often times we may be disappointed by those we expected to elevate us, but we receive the same elevation from complete strangers because He is not sleeping, but self importance and negativity will surely make it seem like He is!

Have a wonderful day. Good food to come!

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