Monday, 6 June 2011

CUPCAKES and friendship

Hi Folks,

Hope you are well! Well my favorite sweet thing to bake is cupcakes and I am running a special this month with some of the ones from my signature collection. I'm planning to open a store but I can't give anything away. Anyways this is not about shoes or purses or any sort of incredible sugar work that is more fun to see than eat. This is about a happy tongue and a smiling tummy.  I've got all sorts of greatness, from Rum n Raisin to blueberry cheesecake. Here's a pic:

The thought I'd like to leave with you for today is this: Beware of so called friends who never can do anything to help you but are always hanging around. They may actually hate you and be glad when life doesn't go as planned! A true friend may not always be around but will always have your best interests at heart whether you like it or not!

No matter about what the future may bring, live your best life now, do not harbor people that you do not truly need and who may cause stress and heartache that will speed up your death! Forget instant gratification and go for the long term and more meaningful option... except when it comes to cupcakes, ya gotta make the exception there :)

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