Friday, 10 June 2011



Just thought I would share this with you though I DID NOT make it. Actually it was made by my husband's partner in fitness crimes - Corey Springer.

High protein and low carb is definitely the way to go if muscle is what you are looking to develop and fat is what you are looking to obliterate. Healthy carbs are essential in the daily diet but we really do overdo it on the sugar and most of us look like we do! Just wanted to showcase these Tuna Burgers Corey made and topped with Turkey Bacon. They are packing a hard protein punch and I bet they tasted great. For the full recipe you can contact Apollo Fitness Barbados -
If you are or will be in Barbados you can message me and I will tell you how to come to Barefoot Boot camp and get a Sunday burn that will change you for the better! They are very affordable and definitely give you a good, fun workout that you can be proud to conquer.

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